I have mentioned Ian several times so far, but I haven’t talked about him. (He was a friend of Cunningham, and I met him a few times when I drank with Cunningham. Since I was poor, wasn’t into cocaine, and wasn’t chasing the party; our encounters were always pretty brief. By trade he is an electrician, but most of his money came from selling cocaine. (If he hadn’t been his own best customer, he would have been rich!))-(As a result of having a fun personality, cocaine and money, he always had lots of women willing to party with him, and for a long time he had a whole lot of fun.) (Finally they pulled him over for dui, and the search of the van gave them enough evidence for the feds to step in and arrest him on drug charges. (For the next few months he didn’t have a drivers license or much money, and I spent a few evenings chauffeuring him around. (Twas interesting learning about the cocaine scene from the viewpoint of one of the male players. (I must admit I am envious of their ability to have fun and find lots of lovers!))-(Ultimately though I can’t relate to the his attitude that women are nothing more than sex objects. (And, he may not have really been that way with women. (It could be he just played that role around other guys to maintain a macho illusion.)))) (There were a lot of interesting stories back in the Paw days! (Someday I will have to try and remember some of them.))

(6am) I finally got a little sleep. (I am still tired!)

Carrie was real mad at me back in ’85, when I left Bozeman! (She thought moving was a mistake!)-(She didn’t give me a hug the last few times I saw her and she didn’t come to say goodbye.)-(Once she moved to California, when she talked about a trip back to Montana, she refused to consider a stop in Missoula.) (I suppose I was running away. (I hadn’t had much luck with women, but I knew a lot of people and I would probably have had more girlfriends and companionship if I had stayed.)) (I can’t complain though. (It has been an interesting journey and I have learned much that I wouldn’t have learned if I had stayed.)-(This time of isolation has forced me to look inwards and begin to learn and grow; and it has provided me with a lot of time to study and write. (This job is cutting into that, but I have to get through paying off my marriage and this is the only option at the moment.))-(Also, I have gone from someone who was mostly sad to someone who is mostly happy.)) (Carrie’s biggest concern was that I was chasing a dream and I needed to face reality and get on with my life. (Tis obvious my unconscious mind picked someone whom could never be interested in me romantically and convinced my conscious mind that I was in love with her.)-(Being "in love" with someone else was my excuse for pushing women in Bozeman away, and it was a very effective defense mechanism. (It sure pissed off Carrie!)))

(5pm) Erica called. (She says that Miranda and her have decided to give up cocaine for awhile. (Tis probably a good idea to take a break and let their bodies heal.))

I got another rejection letter from a publisher. (Oh well, send out another! (Keep trying!))

My stereo is fixed. (Yeah!)

TGI payday!

(7pm) Erica stopped by and help me take cuttings from the mother plant and start the cloning process. (Neat!)

I also got her tax return done.

Tis neat having my stereo back!

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