Erica still bugs me now and then about building friendships with men. (I haven’t met a guy I would like to be friends with and spend time with in years.) (In part it’s because I don’t have much in common with other men. (I rarely watch or play sports, I am not into cars, I don’t hunt, I don’t fish, and I don’t have the same attitude towards women. (I love sex, but that isn’t the only nice thing about women, and there are lots of other reasons to be with women. (And, even if there is no sex, relationships with women are rewarding!)))-(Another aspect is that I love the companionship of women, and men seem blasť in comparison.)-(A third aspect is that my biggest problem is with women and I need to accumulate positive experiences with women to break down the conditioning my ex inflicted on me.)

(2pm) Miranda stopped by and bs’d awhile. (Neat!)

She was pretty burned out. (It sounds like they have been having fun!) (It sounds like she is getting tired of hangovers! (Tis fun to party, but there is a price. (And, the price seems to get a little more expensive each year.)-(Tis tricky to find the level where you have fun, but don’t lose a bunch of time to recovery.)-(Tis tempting to envy the young for their capacity to bounce back, but we have to look for the beauty in each point of the cycle and learn to enjoy the moment we are in.)))

(6pm) I managed to get more editing done today. (Neat!)

Most of the ice has melted off the windows and I can see out again.

(8pm) I hope the weather, my health and my will power will come together and help me to lose some weight! (My pants are too tight!)

I seem to have been sick more since I quit cigs than I have been in the last few years. (I guess my body doesn’t know how to take healthy habits.)

(10pm) Time for dreamland!

Twas nice having a four day weekend! (I needed a break from City Hall!)


(Midnite) Sleep is being elusive tonite. (Annoying!)

Happy birthday to my ex! (I am afraid of her still, but I do wish her well and I hope she has found some happiness and peace of mind!)

I have a bunch of movies to tape today, so there will be new entertainment tonite.

(1am) Still no sleep.

One of Carrie’s complaints about "Outlaws and Poets" was that I don’t do a very good job of character development. (I would say that is a valid criticism.)

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