Autumn in the desert is pretty.

(2pm) Ely, Nevada

I got a room and walked across the street for a burger.

Now I have got the shakes.


(4am) My original plan was to go to the Green Lantern and then to the Stardust Ranch, but the Green Lantern was closed and I went straight to the Stardust.

Twas a slow day there and I had been fantasizing about two women, so I hired two women for 12 hours. (That was a really wonderful time!!!) (I had always figured the fantasy of being with two women was better than the reality, but the reality turned out to be far better than the fantasy.)

Mel is a short blond with pretty much the perfect body and face. (Hopefully, I will win the lottery, so I can afford to see her again.) (She says she is 39, but looks mid 20’s.) (She says she has worked at the Stardust for nine years. Before that she worked as a dancer and a call girl all over the country.) (She says she usually works three weeks and then travels for three weeks to see more places.) (She says she doesn’t have a home, since she is either at the Stardust or on the road wandering.) (Very attractive, intelligent and interesting lady, and a great and creative lover!)

Venus is a tall, well-endowed Chicano woman. (Very beautiful and very passionate! (And I have got the hickeys and scratches to prove it.)) (She says she has a 22-year of kid, so she must be late 30’s or early 40’s also.) (She says she has a home in the Midwest.) (She has four kids.) (She uses the money she makes here to raise her kids and send them to college.) (Fulfilling my fantasy about being with a Chicano woman was interesting, but she is a bit wild for me I think. (Or, maybe I need someone that passionate to offset my tendency towards being mellow?))

They both commented that the first thing they do on their breaks from the Stardust is to check into a motel and sleep for three days.

They both also complained about sore backs.

They say the winters tend to be rough there. (Cold and not many customers.)

I would have to say that older women make better lovers, after this experience.

They both approach the business differently than any of the other ladies of the nite I have sought comfort with. (With all the others, their approach has been to not kiss customers and to get them off and out the door as quickly as possible.) (Both Mel and Venus seek to be more like mistresses and create the illusion that the customer is their boyfriend for the moment. (As a result they have both collected regular customers who hire them for a day or a weekend, and they get out of the house on out dates regularly.) (They say they make far more money than the women who take the other approach do.))

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