(1pm) I decided I better pause for some food. (I decided to try burritos from Taco Time.)

(3pm) I finally found a dive downtown. (Pretty scary neighborhood, but the room is cheap.)

I went out and checked out Freemont Street. (Pretty neat.) (At nite they have bands outside and an overhead light show.)

There was a topless place downtown, so I stopped in to check it out. (There weren’t as many women, but there was a lot more touching during the lap dance I got there. (Yum.))

(11pm) My Aunt Faye, Uncle Larry and Cousin Alex picked me up around four and they gave me a tour of another part of Vegas. (Alex is looking for a new house, so we went to a fancy gated community and checked out the model homes. (People with money in Vegas live in some real nice digs.))

Then we went to the house Alex is leasing in another gated community. (He had a bad auto accident awhile back, the doctor messed up, and now he is semi retired and living off the income from the lawsuits. (He sure has a nice place.))

Then Faye and Larry and I went to a restaurant for dinner.

I had forgotten how much Faye looks like my mom.

Twas nice getting some time with them.

Faye is still painting a lot.

It sounds like they have gotten into a lot of new age and alternative healing stuff.

Larry is still working too. (It sounds like they got into some financial trouble and can’t afford to retire yet. (It seems to agree with them though, and they seem happy.))

We traded some Uncle Edward stories. (It sounds like he is still getting stranger and richer.)

Faye commented that getting out of Topeka was good for me. (I think she is right.) (Back in ‘78 I was in Oklahoma City and had dinner with Edward. He commented that I was turning into my dad, and he was right. (I needed to leave to become myself and that is what I have done.))

Larry says he is having some prostate problems and isn’t able to sleep much. (They are about my only relatives who I can talk with about more than the mundane.)


(8:30am) I had planned on staying in Vegas three nites, but I have had about all of it I can take. (And, the lap dances have me longing for the brothels.)

Anyway, I am back on the road again.

One thing you can say for Vegas is that the woman watching is great.

(10:30am) Alamo, Nevada 56,256 7.1 gallons

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