I am getting tired of driving. (I can only deal with about two days on the road and then I need a day off. (Fighting high winds doesn’t help.))

I am back in the sun again. (The weather has been real good for me, since the first couple days.)

(2pm) I was going to go across the dam, but HWY 93 has long delays due to construction. (So far that is the only sight seeing plan I have had to scratch.)

(4pm) Las Vegas, Nevada 56,108 10 gallons

Tis nice to finally be on HWY 93 and headed north.

(7pm) I finally found a room at the San Remo. (Trying to get around on the strip is a nitemare. (Tis amazing to see a sea of people in the middle of the desert.))

I am getting really tired of unloading and loading the truck every day.

(9pm) I wandered around through the Troipicana, Luxor, Excalibur, New York and the MGM. (The fašades are interesting to check out, but behind the fašades is the same place.) (Maybe if I were into gambling I would get into it.)

Dad said ladies of the nite proposition him all the time in Vegas. (No one hit on me though. (I can’t even attract ladies of the nite. (Maybe they just hit on guys who appear to have money.)))


(3am) I went down and visited with the valet. (He said that in Vegas there are two types of strip joints. The totally nude places can’t sell alcohol, so you pay a $20 cover and get all the pop you can drink for free. The topless places serve alcohol, so you don’t pay a cover charge at those, but the drinks are expensive. (I decided to try a totally nude place, so he got me a cab and sent me off to Lil Darlings.))

That was wonderful. (There were 20 dancers. (While one was on stage, the rest wandered around asking customers if they would like to go to a private cubicle for a lap dance.) (I ended up getting lap dances from five of the women. (That was yummy!)) (Even sitting in the audience was nice because scantily clad women were always coming by and touching me while they asked if I was interested in a dance.))

I was watching one of the dancers on the stage. She started making love to one of the poles and the next thing I know she has slithered up the pole 20 feet in the air to the ceiling. Then she turned around and worked her way back to the floor upside down. (I thought that couldn’t be topped until one of the dances did a nude fire eating routine.)

(10am) I finally found an auto parts store, got a headlight, and installed it. (Now the truck is ready for the rest of the trip.) (So far the truck has done pretty well, but it’s in dire need of a tune up.)

(Noon) I walked around the strip for a bit and took some pictures. Now I have to check out and try to find a bed for tonite. (Not making reservations has been a bit annoying, but I have experienced a lot I wouldn’t have otherwise.)

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