The terrible job I did with Bryan seems to have turned all my friends off. (I though it was already obvious I can’t deal with hostile people, and that I am not an in your face, scream and shout type of person.) (Oh well, I did the best possible given my limitations and it was worth trying.) (Now it’s time to move on and try to put the past behind me!)

(3pm) Carly stopped by and visited. (She thinks I should try one of the match maker agencies. (She says they guarantee 20 dates in six months.) (I am not ready for that yet!) (It sounds like a good deal though.) (She says Gwynn is trying it.))


(3pm) I took off early today.


(7am) Happy turkey day!

(2pm) Carly stopped by and bs’d for a few minutes. (It sounds like she is doing well, except in the sex life department.)


(1pm) I went over to Erica’s and helped her with a computer problem.

Erica gave me some food. (Yum!)


(1pm) My dad called and visited awhile. (He is going to start the foreclosure process on the second mortgage he holds on my ex’s place.)


(8pm) Miranda stopped by for a minute. (Neat!)

She says Joey got beat up. (Sad!)


(Midnite) The Rhino Xmas party was great! (Yum!)

I ran into Charlotte at the Rhino and bs’d with her for awhile.

Afterwards I stopped at the strip joint for some girl watching. (Yum!)

(11am) I called in sick today. (What a hangover!)


(11am) Carrie called. (She is graduating next week, so she is job hunting now.) (She has two beaus now.)

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