(11am) It has been another "Saturday nite live" weekend. (Neat!) (I think I will make several copies and give them out for Xmas.)


(6pm) Carly stopped by and bs’d. (She says they are still not having sex.) (She thinks I should meet her new neighbor.)


(10pm) I got dressed to go out, but couldn’t make it out the door.


(Noon) Miranda stopped by and I helped her with a computer problem.


(6pm) TGIF!

TGI payday!

Well, I have been in Missoula eight years now.

Carly stopped by and bs’d for a couple minutes. (Nice!)


(Noon) Miranda stopped by looking for the newspaper. (Neat!)

(2pm) I finally caught up on writing again. (Tis like pulling teeth to make myself write. (Sad because I used to love it!)-(Maybe someday it will return?))

I got three responses to my singles ad, but didn’t answer any of them. (I am just not good enough, and I am too scared.)

I am still making it to the Club regularly to work out. (I still can’t talk to anyone, but I am building up the weights nicely.)

I have gotten dressed to go downtown several nites in the last month, but so far I haven’t made it past the door.

Work is going mostly ok. (We are moving to a computer network, from the old mini computer. (They are finally hiring a person to deal with computers, so I will have to find something new to do. (It has been nice helping people with computer problems, but it’s time to move onto something else.)))

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