I got hold of Camilla. (We are going to have dinner Sunday nite in Seattle.)


(3pm) People told me it took ten hours to get to Seattle, but I made it in eight. (Beautiful drive!)

(11pm) I had a good time with Camilla! (We have got a lot in common!) (She can’t drink or get hi without getting sick; so she is staying straight these days.) (She has given up sex. (She says it’s just too great of a health risk for so little pleasure. (She was refusing to have sex with anyone who didn’t provide test results proving he was clean, but the last three guys she dated tested positive for sexually transmitted diseases.))) (She enjoyed their mom’s visit to Seattle a lot, until their brother showed up with his wife. (His wife called her bulimic because she is thin.))-(It makes her sad being cut off from the family, but she is afraid to be hurt.) (She said she tried a personal ad recently looking for someone to do things with, but "no sex". (She didn’t get any responses.))-(I just put another ad in.) (Her job sounds pretty good. (Despite being a half time employee, they provide health insurance and a bus pass.) (Right now she is working on some of the lawsuits resulting from the Exxon Valdez ship wreck and oil spill.) (Their sister in Portland called her and told her she thought she had figured out why Charlotte has more problems: being molested by their brother as a child. (Being molested would fit her symptoms.)) (She is tired of people telling her that her medical problems are all in her head. (Ultimately, the mind and body are so intricately linked, it’s always a combo of the two that makes for wellness and illness.)) (She is into flea markets and seems to be enjoying that hobby.) (She looks and acts much better than she did when she visited Montana last!) (She complained a lot about her health, but actually she seemed in good shape. (She watches what she eats closely and has to be careful not to do things that cause problems, but she is managing well!)) (She talked about moving back several times.) (She says Joey made a pass at her when she came over for the wedding.)


(9pm) I was supposed to go visit a software company to check out new software, but they spaced me off. (Annoying!)


(8pm) Camilla called and bs’d a bit. (She suggested I crash at her place Friday nite so she could show me around town. (It would be nice to get a tour!))


(11pm) Camilla and I had dinner and drove around town for a few hours. (She has to work 12 hours Friday, so we had to scrap the idea of me staying with her that nite.) (She says half of the skyscrapers there are vacant.) (There sure are lots of people there! (Even at 7pm it’s still rush hour.)) (Tis the nicest big city I have seen so far, but I wouldn’t want to live there.) (It sounds like Camilla wants to move.) (The police have been cracking down on the street people and she says it’s much cleaner than it used to be.) (We ate at a stir fry place. (Yum!))


(3pm) I made it back in seven and a half hours. (Another beautiful drive!)

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