Twas fun visiting people! (Nice change!)


(4pm) Erica stopped by to say hi. (Neat!)

(9pm) I had dinner at the Depot with the guys from the Rhino to talk about business. (Great food!) (Tis interesting how they are becoming greedier as things get better!)


(5pm) Carly stopped by and bs’d a bit. (It sounds like they are relieved Gwynn found her own place finally.) (Still no sex life for them.)


(7am) Happy birthday to me!

(8pm) Carrie called and her and the boys sang happy birthday to me. (Neat!)

I took off work at Noon and it has been a laid back day so far. (Nice!)

I went and got some Chinese take out earlier. (Yum!)


(Midnite) I went down to the strip joint and did some serious girl watching. (Yum!)


(5pm) TGIF and a three-day weekend!

(11pm) Erica stopped by and visited for awhile. (Neat!)

Things are going well for her! (Good for her!)


(8am) Well, it has been 22 years since my mom’s death. (Still a sad day for me!)

(7pm) My sister called and visited awhile. (It sounds like the carpal tunnel operation helped and she is doing real well in school.)


(5pm) I taped a "Saturday nite live" marathon and have been watching those tapes this weekend. (I needed the chuckles!)


(7pm) I helped Miranda some with a computer problem. (Tis nice helping people!)

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