(8pm) Erica stopped by for a bowl and a brew. (Neat!)

It sounds like she is having more problems with her brother. (I hope that works out!) (It doesn’t sound like working for him is a good idea. (Too many fights and too much bs! (Life would be constant turmoil and she would never know when she would get fired or get so mad she would quit.)))


(8pm) Erica stopped by to visit. (Neat!)


(10pm) Notes from the ozone:

1. A comedian on tv commented that people need to distinguish between "houseless" and "homeless". (I know I have learned that where ever I lay down my coat at the end of the day is home, and that I can be home and not have shelter.)

2. Trees are the earth’s lungs. (I wonder how many forests we can lose before it can no longer breath?)

3. People could be good caretakers of the earth, but now we are more like parasites running wild. (If some other species did to our homes what we are doing to the earth, we would call an exterminator.)

4. Tis interesting, from a numerological point of view, how often the number nine shows up in geometry and markets.

5. The sound of one hand clapping is a wave and that leads to understanding everything is a wave. (Everything comes from energy and is constantly flowing and changing.)

6. Fear of nature is fear of ourselves. (We need to come to terms with both!)

7. A Russian economist named Nicolai Kondratieff analyzed markets going back as far as he could and identified a 50-year cycle. (Which matches up with the 50-year cycle described in the bible.) (Our current cycle is running longer than that. (I wonder if it’s due to humans living longer now?))


(10am) Carrie just took off to take a final exam. (She is doing well!)

The twins sure are talking a lot! (Amazing!)

The drive over to Bozeman was nice! (I stopped and dropped off stuff with Miranda and she gave me a new scarf and some JD.) (I couldn’t find their brother, so I left Erica’s letter to him at the bingo parlor.)

The moonrise last nite was gorgeous! (Twas also sunset and the moon came up in a purple sky.)

Carrie thinks I need to start dealing with my ex. (I am terrified of her still!)

She thinks I should use my love of helping others as a way to meet women. (e.g., do charity work.)

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