(5pm) TGIF!

(10pm) Carrie called and bs’d awhile. (She has taken up yoga. (It has helped eliminate most of her headaches and she is feeling better.))


(10am) My dad called. (He says Bryan called Monday. (Bryan claims that he wrecked my ex's car. My dad says he was half-asleep, but what he got was that if he didn’t send $1,800, Bryan has to quit school and go to work. (Sounds crazy, but I will check it out. (Actually, it sounds like another one of my ex’s scams.))) (They just got back from Vegas. (It sounds like they had a fun trip.)) (He says one of my uncles is thinking of moving to Honduras to escape all the rules and craziness here.)

(6pm) Erica stopped by for a bowl and a brew. (Neat!)

I needed someone to talk to. (This new thing with Bryan is just too weird!)

Maybe I should check into getting custody? (If my ex is getting that weird, it might be better?)


(3pm) Carly and Ross stopped by and bs’d a bit.

(10pm) Erica stopped by and visited awhile. (Neat!)


(5pm) Erica called. (It sounds like she blew another job interview. (I wonder what the problem is?))-(She doesn’t seem clear as to what direction she wants to go or where she wants to live. (Maybe she needs to figure that out before moving on to a different job?))

(7pm) Joe stopped by. (He says he hasn’t heard anything about Bryan being forced to quit school.) (He says that Bryan is still coming over for Xmas.)

(9pm) Notes from the ozone:

1. I wonder how much of what we feel about Xmas is really the ancient memories of the solstice ceremonies?

2. I wonder if there are variations in the collective unconscious depending upon which tribe a person has descended from? (And, for those of us who carry the blood of many different tribes, do we carry the collective unconscious of all the tribes we have descended from?)

(10pm) Note from the ozone: While watching "Northern exposure" I started pondering on the differences between instinct and culture. (Culturally derived behaviors are learned and therefore can be unlearned.)

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