(9am) Notes from the ozone:

1. Statistics say that women over 35 have a hard time finding a mate, and I have been pondering on that. (I fall in lust with women over that age all the time, but maybe I am unusual?) (The thing I have noticed from listening to women at work is that, although I am in lust with them, their hatred of men and cynicism turns me off. (Why would anyone subject themselves to that kind of punishment? (I know my fear and cynicism pushes women away.))) (How do we change our attitudes so that we are open to love and lovable?)

2. I am confused as to why feminists tend to be for bans on nudity. (Like abortion, the issue is do women have control over their own bodies, or does society impose patriarchal concepts on them that dictate what they can and can’t do with their bodies.)

3. One aspect of sexual harassment laws that bothers me is that it’s another case of women making themselves dependent. (I think they need to empower themselves, not just change who they hide behind.) (There has to be some way to solve this. (Maybe the solution is to replace all these related laws (e.g., religious harassment) with general one’s making it illegal for bosses to blackmail their employees into doing things they feel are morally or ethically wrong?))

4. Is part of the problem with the world today that it’s run by workaholics?

(10am) Bryan called and apologized for not showing up the last two times I went to Belgrade to see him. (His stories made no sense, but what the hell.)

(1pm) Erica stopped by and bs’d awhile. (Neat!)

(2pm) The computer started to act up, but I got it going again. (Relief!)

Now on to bookkeeping.

(4pm) Carly stopped by looking for gambling coupons.

She says Phoebe is mad at me. (Something about not taking her places. (Odd, since she said she just wanted someone to take care of her sexual needs and leave her alone the rest of the time.))-(Until I can afford to go places and do things, few women are going to be happy about being with me. (Oh well, patience!)) (She is afraid of men and I am afraid of women. (It gives us something in common, but it isn’t really something to base much on except group counseling.)) (I asked her once about going cross-country skiing. (She said that was to far to haul her beer.))

(10pm) Time for sleep!


(6pm) Erica stopped by and bs’d a bit. (Neat!)

She says dating someone in Anaconda is a bit of a problem. (Long distance romances can be a pain!)

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