(4pm) Carly and her kid stopped by looking for gambling coupons. (She isn’t going to work for a few months, so she will have more time with the kid.) (She wanted to know if I got laid in Bozeman? (I can’t imagine it happening!))

(9pm) Charlotte stopped by to bring me some Easter candy and we bs’d awhile. (She says she has been pretty sick! (I hope she feels better soon!))


(5pm) The right side of the truck has been bashed in by another hit and run driver. (This is getting quite tiresome!)

(9pm) The basketball team I was rooting for lost. (It hasn’t been a good day!)


(9pm) Erica stopped by for a bowl and a brew. (Neat!)


(5pm) The faucet broke again while I was shaving and the landlord didn’t make it by today. (Tis the hot water faucet, so I won’t have hot water in the morning for my bath.)

My computer at work broke this morning, but they managed to get it fixed. (Tis amazing how dependent I have become on machines!)

(8pm) Nice workout!

I ran into Henry in the Jacuzzi. (He got laid off. (So far, he is enjoying having some time off.)) (It sounds like he is happy with marriage.) (They have an eight-month-old daughter.)


(5pm) TGIF!

TGI payday!

Old Spanish saying: "Nothing is so bad that good can’t come from it." (How true!)

I stopped in at the Rhino during lunchtime and talked to them a bit. (I have another meeting with them Monday.) (Some extra money would be nice!)

(10pm) "20/20" had a bit on exorcism tonite. (Pretty weird!) (There is a dark side and people do seem to be having a harder time avoiding it lately.)

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