(7pm) I called Carrie and made arrangements to go visit her this weekend. (It will be nice to get out of town!) (She is nervous about the liver biopsy!)

(8pm) Erica called. (She says the Rhino is looking for a new bookkeeper. (It would be nice to pick up some extra money!))


(6pm) The article in the newspaper about teachers being laid off was depressing!

(7pm) Ross and Carly stopped by looking for gambling coupons for the Prime Time casino. (It sounds like they are getting into gambling! (There seems to be a lot of people who are into that!)) (He says his brain is shrinking.)

(9pm) Laundry is done again.


(3pm) I took off early from work, so I won’t get to Bozeman too late.

I got a call from the university. (I came in second.) (She said to keep applying.)


(1am) Happy Easter!

Twas a beautiful nite for driving!

On the way back from Bozeman I stopped in Anaconda to say hi to Miranda and Joey. (I stopped at the bingo parlor and ran into Erica.)-(She took me over to Miranda and Joey’s.) (They were all burned out and weren’t up to partying, so I head for home.)

Carrie seems to be holding up really well, considering the health problems and trying to keep up with the boys. (They wake up at 5am and take most of her time just about all day, and then don’t let her sleep through the nite.)

They are starting to learn to walk, so she won’t have to carry them everywhere too much longer.

Tis a drag about the hepatitis! (Sad!)

She is planning on going back to college this fall and getting a degree in education.

She has been celibate for about 18 months and isn’t planning on changing anytime soon. (She will find someone one of these days, but right now the kids are consuming all of her time and energy.)

I bought them dinner at 4b’s and ran into Reggie. (She is still single and cute!)

After Carrie’s couch it will be nice to sleep in my own bed.

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