(11am) Laundry time again.

Cig prices went up again. (I hadn’t figured my cost for them in years, so I did that last nite. ($150/month)-(That is ridiculous!)) (I will try to quit again when I run out. (I could use the money for other things!))

I got a letter from Samantha today. (They came through town twice on their trip to the Dead concert, but both times I was at work, so they didn’t stop. (It sounds like they had a great trip! (Good for them!))) (Leo asked her to marry him and she said yes. (Also good for them!)-(Tentatively the wedding is set for August 5th.)-(I think I will try to find some way to make it!))

I lost weight through permanent changes in diet. (I already exercised quite a bit, so increasing that more wasn’t a good long-term answer.) (Twas kind of easy to figure out. (Whenever I wasn’t working in the last eight years, my weight dropped to around 170, and whenever I worked it jumped over 190; so I looked at how my diet changed between those two situations.)-(A lot of it was probably drinking more beer when I worked. (If you are going to drink and don’t want to gain weight, you need to drink hard liquor with a low calorie mixer, and be moderate.))) (Short term changes are pretty useless and are probably more harmful than good. (Look for increases in exercise you can keep up for the rest of your life, and decreases in calories you can live with for the rest of your life.))

(8pm) Gwynn stopped by and I helped her with her homework for five hours. (It feels good to help another person.)


(8pm) Nice workout!


(10pm) Erica stopped by for some dominos. (Neat!)


(9am) Happy fourth!

(1pm) Gwynn stopped by and I helped her some more.

(6pm) Chores are done again.

(11pm) Quiet nite here.


(6pm) Erica left a note. (She says she had a fun fourth. (Good for her!))

Oh yes, happy eighth anniversary of my divorce to me! (Despite the solitude, celibacy and poverty, it has been a much nicer eight years than the previous eight were!)

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