I have also been craving companionship!

I think heading toward 40 is having an impact.

The downside of long weekends is that it is harder to deal with people on Monday.

Catching colds and the flu are parts of being with people, and that isn’t a reason to give up people! (Tis part of a whole that is mostly good.)

(11am) Fantasy is nice, but sexual realities can be a lot nicer.

(2pm) Sharon called. (She says some guy is taking her on a Caribbean cruise for her birthday. (I can’t afford to compete with other guys!))

(5pm) Erica stopped by for a bowl and a brew. (Neat!)

She thinks I should stop sharing smoke with Monica unless she starts fucking me. (Why should she fuck me when no one else does?) (I know lots of guys trade drugs for sex, but I can’t imagine it. (I have given lots of drugs to lots of women and the best I ever get was a hug.) (My phobias keep me from making first moves, let alone a move that bold.) (Oh well, I enjoy sharing, the company, and the occasional hug!))

I can’t quite imagine a sex life. (It has been so long that it doesn’t seem real.)

(9pm) Erica stopped by and we played dominos. (Neat!)

It sounds like Charlotte is having more problems. (Sad!) (She has to take the first step for herself though.)

(10pm) I don’t pay attention to food. (Tis just something to get done and over with as cheaply and simply as possible. (Tis just another chore to get over with.)) (Part of it is having eaten alone for so long.) (Also, cigs have burned out my taste buds, so nothing tastes extraordinary.) (I will work on that when there are people in my life to share food with.) (My ex was a worse cook than I am and I started cooking my own meals when I was 14, so I haven’t eaten good food regularly for over 25 years. (No wonder my taste buds are fried!))

(11pm) Tis a drag to have to work tomorrow! (Oh well, I will take off early Friday to make up for it.)


(Midnite) I better sleep!

(9am) I heard a big bang, so I looked out the window to see what happened. (Miranda had borrowed my truck for a trip to Anaconda and she had left her car parked out front.) (When I looked out I saw that someone had hit Miranda’s car. (What a drag!)) (I called the cops and went out and grabbed the woman who hit the car, before she could take off. (She was dressed like Madonna. (Hot!)))

(1pm) Erica stopped in to say hi. (Neat!)

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