(5pm) Busy day!

(11pm) It has been a long day!


(5pm) Busy day!

Erica left a note. (She says she has been sick again this week. (Sad!))

For some reason it occurred to me that no one considers me to be their best friend. (I still have a lot to learn about being a friend!)

I got another rejection letter today.


(7am) I slept lousy last nite and don’t feel quite right. (Yech!)

Rolling my own cigs is having an impact on my body! (I have got to quit!)-(I can’t afford tailor made cigs now and I am getting too old to punish my body this way!)

(5pm) It has been a really hectic day!


I have got to work Sunday. (Yech!)

Erica left a note. (Gwynn got another dui.) (Erica says she is still sick.)

(6pm) Monica stopped for a bowl and a brew. (Neat!)

(8pm) Erica stopped by for a bowl and a brew. (Neat!)

She is feeling better. (Good for her!)

(11pm) Tiredness!


(10am) Laundry time. (I am trying a new one today.)

I have been a bit down about money lately. (Tis a drag being broke!)

As with every autumn, I am craving a girlfriend more than usual. (It would be nice to have someone to cuddle with!)

I have been hornier than normal and that gets frustrating!

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