(4pm) I decided to take off an hour early today.

TGI Wednesday! (Four days off will be great!)

Several people complimented me on cutting my hair short.

(10pm) Gwynn stopped by for a bowl and a brew. (Neat!)

(11pm) It has been a long day!


(7am) Happy turkey day!

(2pm) Gwynn stopped in for a bowl and a brew. (Neat!)

She says Carly is pregnant.

(6pm) There are lots of problems and limitations in my life still, but I have much to be thankful for! (All in all, I have been very lucky!)

(10pm) My sister called and bs’d awhile. (It sounds like they are tired of living in Kansas.)

(11pm) I am sleepy!


(8am) Tis great having time off! (I have been getting pretty burned out on work!)

(4pm) Gwynn went to dinner at her friend Casey’s yesterday. She stopped by and brought me a plate of food that was left over. (Neat!) (It sounds like they had a fun day!)

(9pm) There is nothing on tv tonite, so it's even more blasť than normal.

This last paycheck didn’t last long.

(10pm) I am pretty blue tonite. (Annoying!)


(7am) We got snow last nite. (Nice!)

(11am) The snow melted off already. (Boo!)

Tis laundry time again.

I got another rejection letter today.

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