(11pm) Time for dreamland again!


(Noon) TGIF!

(4pm) I decided to take the afternoon off. (I am getting a bit burned out and needed some time away from work!)

(11pm) Erica was going to take my truck to Anaconda again this weekend, but the truck is still out front. (I hope nothing is wrong!)

Time for sleep!


(10am) Erica commented that being intelligent is something I have to offer to the others. (Tis good when it comes to helping others, but I don’t think it would win many friends. (People want to spend time with people who are interesting and fun.)-(I am more likely to bore and depress others than to make them smile.)) (The other problem with that idea is that when the anxiety attacks hit me, I lose the ability to think clearly and talk, so I appear to be a total moron rather than intelligent.)

Erica says Linda has decided to end the affairs and try to make her marriage work. (They will need to get into therapy! (I like Paul, but I also know how miserable living with a jealous person is. (Without trust there is no hope.)-(And, if he continues, the affairs will probably begin again.))) (Sometimes divorce is the only answer though. (I know we tried counseling to work out the problems in my marriage, but she could never let go of the anger.)) (I hope they can work it out!)

Erica says Linda and Paul have decided to give up drugs and alcohol. (Winston Churchill said that he had always taken more from alcohol than it took from him. (I think that is the goal with all drugs!)-(They can make life better or worse.))-(From what Erica has said they take it to the extreme. (When it’s making life worse, it’s best to leave it behind and move on.))

It would be good for me to get some excitement in my life! (I am way out of balance!)-(A constantly blasť life isn’t any healthier than a constantly exciting one.) (I have got a lot to overcome and learn about living! (There is a lot of life I have never experienced and a lot I haven’t experienced in years, and that isn’t good!))

(Noon) Laundry time!

I got another rejection letter. (Twas a different one though. (This guy says I could sell a lot of books, but he is only interested in publishing "art", and isn’t interested in publishing commercial poetry.))


Peter F. Drucker – "The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said."

William James – "The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude."

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