Another tough aspect of being single is that, for most people, our economy really requires two incomes per household to get by. (The extra income, plus eliminating the spending duplications found in two households, provide couples with a real financial advantage.) (I still think corporations really love high divorce rates. (Every time a couple divorces one of them has to go out and replace things like housing, couches, microwave ovens, tv sets and stereos.))-(Tis interesting that the industrial revolution broke the extended family and now advertising and the information revolution are breaking the nuclear family! (Ultimately we have to get back to an extended family somehow. (For relationships to work and for children to be raised properly, we need more extensive support systems.)-(I don’t think it’s possible to undo the transient nature of our culture's population, and the only answer is to move to a new definition of family.)))

Another puzzle I am pondering on is how to know whom to trust. (Our culture has become so superficial and full of illusion, it’s tough to know who anyone really is, let alone to know whether they can be trusted or not.)

As hot as it’s getting here, I am glad I shut the grow room down. (I would be baking!)

I think when I get my marriage paid off I will look into getting a house. (Owning a house and being able to have a garden again would be nice!)

(9pm) Erica stopped by for a bowl and a brew. (Neat!)

(10pm) Artie called looking for Erica.

(11pm) Time for dreamland!


(5pm) Busy day!

(9pm) Erica stopped by for a game of Yahtzee. (Neat!)

I wish she would stop talking about Carrie! (It still hurts!)

(11pm) Time for dreamland!


(7am) Erica commented again that it’s strange that I lose the ability to think and talk in groups. (Although the behavior appears strange to others, it’s just a chemical reaction triggered by some external situation.) (Someday I will have to place myself in social situations on a regular basis, in order to trigger the anxiety attacks, learn to cope with them rather than running away, and hopefully, in time, they will diminish as a result.)

Part of my problem with beginning therapy is that I know it will have a negative impact on others for me to be around. (Am I being conscientious or is that just another manifestation of my unconscious mind that keeps me from beginning to work on my phobias?)

(5pm) Busy day!

(10pm) Erica dropped by for a bowl and a brew. (Neat!)

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