She also commented about women who continue to wear flimsy shoes and clothes in this kind of weather. (What motivates someone to risk frostbite, so they can maintain a superficial illusion? (Maybe fashion and the mating dance are worth suffering frostbite?)) (Being comfortable, warm and safe are my highest priorities, at this point in the cycle. (I never do much of anything to project a positive image, so I am just doing what I do at every point in the cycle.))

D O still thinks she wants out.

I have noticed that, almost always, I say things that create a very negative image of myself. (Considering how hard I work at pushing people away, tis amazing I have any friends!)-(Will I ever overcome?) (Although I don’t know the right things to say and do, I am real good at saying and doing the wrong things.)

(3pm) I edited a bunch more poems. (Tis nice to finally be finishing that chore!)

Now tis laundry time.

(10pm) Erica stopped by for a few bowls and brews, and some Yahtzee. (Neat!)

I haven’t felt this good in ages! (Nice buzz!)


(1am) I still feel good, but sleepiness is creeping up on me.

"Beaches" made me laugh and cry. (Good experience!)

"Planes, trains and automobiles" was a hoot!

Erica is thinking about visiting a shrink to get some input. (Good for her!)

She says Charlotte and Jim are having problems again. (From what Erica says Charlotte’s jealousy reminds me of my ex’s. (Scary!)) (The longer Jim waits to bring about changes, the less chance there is of saving the relationship, the more damaged his psyche will be, and the longer it will take to heal.) (Most importantly though is that it sounds like her mental health is deteriorating, her negative life attitude increases the potential for suicide, and she could end up getting into an accident.)

(9am) It looks like a beautiful day!

I wonder if there will be a baby boom in nine months? (I would guess a lot of people hid under the covers to hide from the storm.) (Why does it take an extreme situation to get people to devote time to love making? (Maybe it’s a genetically encoded? (i.e., in extreme situations it would be useful to impregnate women, in case the males were lost to the storm?))) (Whatever it is, I think we need to work at moving on to new ways. (Couples should set aside a few hours a few times a week to spend time trading massages, making love and visiting. (Tis fun, good exercise, provides the physical intimacy we all need to be healthy, it’s cheap, it increases the bond and closeness of the couple, …!)))

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