I am going to try and use the time off to work on my writing projects. (It would feel good to make some progress!)-(I have been feeling guilty about not doing more!)-(If I ever did get lucky and find a publisher, it would be nice to be all caught up on the typing and editing! (There I go, wandering off into dreamland again!))

Erica says her boss is going through another wild time. (She says her boss is still having an affair with her married boss. Her boss has also been fucking another guy who has given her the clap. (Another relationship in turmoil!)-(Does it ever end? (I worked some today in the Court and Attorney’s offices helping with their computers. (While there I listened to the stories being told (like always). Mostly it was women getting restraining orders against their significant others, divorces, jobless single women with kids, ….)))) (I suppose it’s possible her boss’ unconscious mind set it up. (Erica said her boss was upset at the Xmas party last year, about the other boss she is having an affair with being there with his wife, and Erica has commented that her boss has been lonely and depressed about still being single.)-(Her boss could have unconsciously picked some fellow who would be likely to have a STD, so she could catch it, give it to her married lover, break up his marriage, and end up with him.) (Hopefully the married guy didn’t get the clap and all this will end quietly and peacefully.))

(8pm) I feel good!

I wonder if Erica is starting to have problems with approaching 30? (I didn’t think I did, at the time; but looking back, it’s obvious that I did. (In the months prior to turning 30 I was working in Billings and partied hard every nite. (Part of that was probably trying to deny 30.)-(I really gave my body a workout!))) (I hope she handles it better than I did!)

(9pm) Tiredness!


(6am) Cunningham called and bs’d last nite. (It sounds like his business is going great! (Good for them!)) (He says he built a new house for his family.) (He hasn’t heard anything from my ex.) (Their 18-year-old daughter moved home again. (She was pg and engaged to get married, but the fellow drowned and she had a miscarriage. (Sad!))) (I will have to get back to Bozeman one of these days for a visit!)

I have pretty much bagged the idea of looking for a different apartment, for now. (I simply can’t afford it.)

I forgot to set my alarm for going to the Club. (Annoying!) (Despite sleeping in I still had a hard time dragging my fat ass out of bed!)

I wonder if these pills I am taking triggered the cold sores? (They seemed to appear the same time I started those.)

(5pm) Busy day!

I ran into Miranda and Danny on my lunch walk and we had a nice chat. (Neat!)

(8pm) "Wonder years" triggers a lot of memories! (There is a lot I can’t relate to at all though. (e.g., tonite’s show dealt with a school dance and I never went to any.))

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