Erica thinks that Sharon is an exception, and that most women are adventurous lovers. (She may not be an exception though, in the subset of women who are attracted to me. (If women perceive me as a lousy lay, the women who are attracted to me are going to be women who are uptight about sexuality.))

I ran into Miranda at lunch. (She ditched me right away to go talk to someone else, so I didn’t find out anything about what is bothering her.)

(6pm) I wonder how I could get a reputation as a good lover? (It would be nice, if I weren’t always perceived as a lousy lay!)

Today Beth said that she will invite me to parties after I quit cigs. (That is one problem with quitting! (Oh well, I will find some other way to keep them away.)-(I seem to be good at turning off women!))

I imagine, when I do return to the bars, I will go to the Hat from 10pm to 2am, three or four times a week. (Music bars generally have more women than other bars, and asking women to dance provides an excuse to go up and interact with women. (First I have got to break my phobias down enough so I can ask, and so I can talk when the dance is done.)) (In Bozeman, after the first six months of standing at the bar alone, I started meeting women and they would ask me to dance. (Usually they were married to someone who didn’t like to dance.))-(It would be nice to get back to that, but who knows if I ever will?)

I hope all my ramblings help others some day. (Others have given much to me and taught me much, and I need to pass those gifts on to others.)

The smoke situation is amazingly dry. (Since June all I have gotten is 1/12th of an ounce. (I am glad I stocked up last spring!) (Oh well, I am doing fine.)-(Another lesson in patience.))

Crowds do get old, but the bar scene is the only way I know to meet new people. (I will have to get used to crowds again, because I have to spend 1,000’s of hours in crowded bars to meet people.)

My closet is about three-foot by eight-foot and five foot tall. The lite I am looking at is a 400 watt one that is good for a four foot by four-foot area. (That should be good enough to produce three or four plants at a time. According to what I have read that will yield about three pounds every nine months, which will take care of my needs.)-(I will cook with the excess.)

One reason I am not into one-nite stands is that those tend to happen around 3am and I don’t have enough energy then to fully satisfy a woman. (I need to change the perception that I am a lousy lay, and one nite stands might reinforce that perception.) (I prefer to make love when there is plenty of time and energy to do it right!)

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