I had a strange dream last nite about WW III. (I wasn’t killed by the blast, but was dying of radiation poisoning.)-(It woke me up.)-(The sensation in the dream was of my skin burning. (Twas a hot nite, so maybe that sensory cue triggered that dream?))

The Council approved raises, so I will be getting an extra $60 each payday. (Neat!)


(Midnite) Time for sleep!

I wonder how much of the phobic reaction some have to sexually transmitted diseases is realistic and how much is just withdrawal? (At some level it becomes a way to avoid being with people, trusting, making commitments, being emotionally and physically intimate, ….)

(5pm) Busy day!

The moon was sure pretty last nite!

(8pm) Nice nap!

(10pm) This heat is getting old!


(7am) I sure was pooped last nite!

(5pm) Busy day!

(10pm) Quiet nite. (Nice!)


(7am) TGIF!

It cooled off nicely last nite. (Much better!)

(5pm) Busy day!

The younger women at work don’t talk to me much anymore. (It sure doesn’t take me long to turn people off.) (The older women are still talking to me though. (I am not attracted to them, and my defense mechanisms haven’t kicked in while interacting with them.))

Teri says I should go to the City picnic. (I think I will pass.)

(6pm) Erica popped in for a visit. (Neat!)

I ran into Gwynn at lunch and bs’d with her a bit.

(8pm) I ate three x-tops.

Charlotte called looking for Erica. (One of her dogs ran off.)

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