Erica stopped by while I was gone. (The note says she stopped by to drag me out fishing.)

(7pm) Miranda took me to Casa Pablo’s for dinner. (Delish!)

We stopped at the Rhino looking for Erica.

I just saw a video from Robert Cray’s new album. (Nice!)

Twas a nice afternoon and evening! (Miranda always brightens up my life!)

I hope Danny’s fish survived today’s ordeal!

(9pm) D O spent eight hours outside today. (She must do a lot of exploring because she is always pooped when she comes home.)

Horniness gets real annoying!

(10pm) Quiet nite. (Nice!)

I got my cable box going again. (Maybe D O walking and sitting on it is causing it to mess up?)


(5am) It sure hasn’t cooled off much the last couple nites. (What a drag!)

(7am) Nice workout!

(6pm) Erica stopped by and visited for awhile. (Neat!)

It sounds like she had a fun weekend!

She says I need to change my diet. (I have been in a rut on that for a long time!) (Maybe I should look for a cooking class? (Work on my phobias and improve my diet at the same time.))

(8pm) One way I have pushed people away has been by being sad about being alone, even when I was with others. (If I had been happy about being with others, I would have been more fun, and I would have spent less time alone.) (I still slip up, but I am trying to do better about that.)

(9pm) Tiredness!


(7am) Tis going to be a long day! (I hope that meeting tonite doesn’t run on all nite.)

(6pm) Time for a quick meal and then back to work.

I got a cold sore today. (What a drag!)

(11pm) I finally got back home. (I don’t like 12-hour days! (Except when I am writing.))

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