(11pm) I have heard a few shots tonite. (I hope it’s nothing!) (With the economy bad, domestic violence is on the upswing. (Sad!) (Money shouldn’t be a problem that kills relationships. (That is why the contract says for richer or poorer.)-(Few people are rich and secure.)-(Money isn’t the most important thing necessary for finding happiness! (e.g., sex is inexpensive and joyous.)))) (The problem is our culture conditions us to produce, consume, and have. That drive transforms money into something far more important than it really is. (And, since money is one of the leading causes of divorce, the quest to have is a contributing factor to our high divorce rates.)) (Being poor in this culture is one of the fundamental reasons it will be difficult for me to find love. (Everyone says it’s possible, but it’s one more factor that gets in the way and makes me undesirable.)-(If I found someone who made about the same amount as me, and we shared expenses, there would be a little money left for fun. (We wouldn’t have much, but it doesn’t take things to have fun and be happy. (e.g., my truck is in good shape and day trips would be cheap and fun.)-(e.g., hiking, fishing, cross-country skiing, …, are all cheap activities.)-(e.g., having friends over can be done without spending much.)))

Miranda commented that one problem she has run into is that a lot of people she has met and built friendships with were students here. Then, when they graduate they leave town. (I went through that in Bozeman. (Tis frustrating to have to continually be making new friends to replace the one’s who have moved on.)) (I don’t see any way around it. There are a lot of transients here and things will always be changing. (Besides the college kids, there are also newcomers who show up to check out Montana and then move on to someplace else.) (And, the economy is poor here and a lot of people leave to find better paying jobs.)) (I have noticed the same thing happens when you are single for a long time. (e.g., I met a lot of women in Bozeman and built friendships with them. Then they would find a new beau, and move on.)) (Tis frustrating and sad to lose friends!)-(There are a lot of people I miss!)

Miranda said I wouldn’t like having a roommate. (I probably wouldn’t get along with a guy.) (A woman roommate can be frustrating. (Caroline was the one roommate I have had in the last six years, who actually saved me money, but she is beautiful and it was a bit frustrating. (Not too bad though. (She worked nites and I worked days, so we didn’t run into each other often.)))

I wonder when Sharon will bring back the vcr tapes I loaned her? (She borrowed the x-rated one, "Stop making sense" and "The color purple" before I went to Kansas.) (Maybe I will get laid again when she brings them back? (I have been craving 69, but beggars can’t be choosers.))

Gwynn said she is going to start working out again next week. (I would say riding her bike into town and pushing the ice cream cart around is about enough.) (She hurt herself pushing the cart the other day. (She sure gets hurt a lot.))


(Midnite) I caught a nice buzz!

(9am) I feel like shit!

(Noon) I am beginning to feel human again.

(1pm) I ate the food Erica left for lunch. (Yum!)

(4pm) Miranda called and I went over and helped her clean Danny’s fish tank. (Companionship and helping others is wonderful!)

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