Carly was riding her unicycle on the porch last nite. (She says she rides it up to Snow bowl.)

Samantha called. (Leo and her are going to Oregon next month for a Grateful Dead concert. (Sounds like fun!))

(1pm) Erica stopped by while I was gone and left me some food. (Neat!)

(8pm) I watched "Back to the beach". (Pretty funny!)

It has been a quiet day so far. (Nice!)

D O just made it home. (She sure enjoys going out! -(At least one of us does.))

I just ate three x-tops and now it’s cocktail time. (Catch a little buzz!)

(9pm) It would be nice to have some company! (Preferably a horny woman! (I have already had four visits with Rosie today. (The joys of shyness!)-(Ha!)))

One sexual experience I have never had is strip poker. (My ex and I were never that patient. (We stripped and played poke her.)-(She was great in bed!)) (Oh well, she also taught me that a couple can’t stay in bed forever. (Sex is wonderful, but it’s only one aspect of what it takes to make love stay!))

I am regressing into feeling sorry for me again, aren’t I? (This seems to happen when I get into speed and whisky.)-(The shrink commented a couple times that I am not likely to change as long as I am happy, so maybe a few sad and lonely moments are good for me?)

Charlotte thought it was strange that I enjoy when women touch me. (All the sharp edges are designed to keep women away, so I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me that she perceived me in that way.) (I love being touched, but I also fear it.) (Will I ever heal enough to love again?)

This frig is deteriorating. (It has been four days since I put meat in the freezer and it isn’t all frozen yet.) (One downside to buying a house would be that I would have to pay for repairs and maintenance.)

Gwynn puts down the house they live in too. (Instead of comparing it to where they were living they compare it to other houses in that part of town.)-(Everything is relative I guess.)-(Compared to some of the places I saw in Kansas, the neighborhood they are living in is a slum. (The flip side is that the slums there make the slums here look real nice.))

(10pm) My cable tv is messing up again. (Boo!)

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