A memo came around today telling everyone to report panhandlers to the cops. (To hell with that idea!) (I think they are mostly afraid to be reminded that there are people down on their luck, and the reality that it could be them someday.)

(6pm) Well, chores are done and now it’s about time to head for class. (Such a rush!)

The landlord didn’t come by and fix the faucet. (Annoying!)

A new lover would be nice! (Sex feels good and is good therapy for me!) (Oh well, keep working on the phobias and be patient.)

(10pm) Class went well! (I have gotten to where I can talk in class some. (In college I was always too uptight to volunteer in class. (And, when I was called on, the anxiety attack blocked my ability to think and I always gave the wrong answer.)))


(7am) Nice workout!

Oh yes, Daphne is getting married too.

(5pm) Well, work picked up again today. (Everyone waited until the last minute to turn in their budgets, and now I have got a huge pile of paper to work through. (Annoying!))

I ran across a tidbit today on the cops. (The Missoula cops have the highest DUI arrest record in the state. (The state rewarded them with even more money so that they can increase enforcement even more.))

(6pm) The last couple days sure have been beautiful!

(10pm) Quiet nite. (Nice!)

Sharon called and bs’d for awhile. (She said she got her tax refund, but didn’t mention anything about her promise to take me to dinner when it arrived.) (She didn’t say anything about the nite at the Hat.) (She says she has been staying home mostly.) (She is going to Spokane next weekend with Chloe.) (She says she will stop by someday and pick up Chloe’s records.)


(5pm) Busy, busy day!

I cut myself shaving and ruined another shirt with a bloodstain.

The landlord still hasn’t fixed the faucet. (Still annoying!)

(6pm) Erica stopped in to say hi. (Tis nice to have friends!)

My ex commented a couple times that I snore, but she never complained about it. (I don’t know if that meant it wasn’t too bad or that she was a sound sleeper.)

(10pm) The last class went well!

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