Another tidbit I came across said that alcohol hinders the immune system. (I guess that means don’t drink and eat pussy.)

I suppose in the age of Aids I should say, "get my rubber wet" instead of "get my dick wet".

(3pm) Nice walk! (Tis a beautiful day!)

(5pm) Well, I have finally gotten back to editing poems. (About time!)

I cooked a chicken and have a roast going for tonite.

I let D O out and she has disappeared. (Oh well, one of us should be out enjoying this beautiful day!)

(6pm) D O finally showed up.

(9pm) Quiet nite. (Nice!)

Weekends go way too fast!


(5am) Monday morning again. (Boo!)

(7am) Nice workout! (It has been months since I have run into a woman during soak and sweat time. (Oh well!))

(5pm) Things went kind of slow today. (I have caught up on everything.) (More budget stuff should come in soon, so I will be buried again.)

Lauren got engaged and is getting married this summer. (That was quick!)

I ran into Miranda during my lunch walk. (She said they partied hearty this weekend.) (Twas nice seeing her!)-(She always brightens my day!)

At this time last year the cops had written 12,000 tickets. This year they have already written 14,000. (And, they are asking for more overtime next year, so they can write even more. (They set quotas on the overtime and they have to write enough tickets to cover the cost of the overtime pay.))

(7pm) I wrote my dad. (It had been a long time.)

(8pm) The kitchen faucet finally died. (I called the landlord and shut the water off.)

(9pm) Quiet nite. (Nice!)


(5pm) Things started picking up at work today. (Nice!)

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