I ran into Daphne there. (She is nice!) (She has a pretty good paying job at the Parks Department and her work is about play.) (She always seems happy.) (She owns a house and it sounds like her finances are in good shape.) (She might be fun to spend some time with.)

I stopped in the Rhino and caught up with Miranda and Gwynn and visited with them for awhile. (Twas nice seeing Miranda! (I like her!))-(We ran over to her house for a minute so she could change jeans. (It occurred to me to ask if I could help, but I bit my tongue.))

I forgot to ask Miranda if she is still going out with Danny. (I ran into him the other day on the street. (He was frustrated because Miranda finally talked him into trying skiing, he loved it and now the season is about over.))

Then I went to Luke’s with Gwynn looking for her study buddy. (What a cutie her study buddy is!)

I danced a little bit. (I miss that part of life!)

Gwynn was worrying about school, so I walked her home early. (I got a little frisky, but she wasn’t interested.)-(It may not even have been frisky. If I touch a woman anywhere but the forearm I think I am getting wild.) (If I had known she was going home early, I think I would have stayed and partied with Miranda.)

I ate three x-tops before leaving home and I still have a lot of energy left over. (Maybe I shouldn’t do those, but without them I can’t drink more than a couple beers and I fall asleep by 10pm.)

Erica says I shouldn’t tell people I am ugly, because I am not. (I use terms like ugly and attractive to reflect a totality. (Although, the physical element that is me isn’t ugly (or handsome), you also have to factor in personality. My phobias generate so many behaviors designed to push people away, that my personality would fall into the category of grotesque.))-(Maybe "unattractive" would be a better choice than "ugly"?)

(1am) Twas a great nite!

(8am) I feel pretty good.

D O is playing attack cat this morning. (Cute!)

I had a lot of fun last nite! (I hope I didn’t get in the way of anyone else’s fun.)

(10am) Laundry time again. (It would be nice to have a washer and dryer at home.)

I will have to fire up the computer soon and re-start my printing project. (Hopefully I can get all the poems printed out this weekend.)

(11am) Erica called. (She says she partied too hard and got sick last nite. (Maybe I am lucky I came home early?))

(1pm) Chores are almost done. (Neat!)

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