I found out why Lauren leaves the break room suddenly some times. (We have a coffee club at work and you are supposed to pay $3 a month to drink coffee. (She drinks coffee, but never pays into the coffee fund. (She takes off every time the older women show up, so they won’t know she is drinking coffee.)))

There was an article in the paper saying the Top Hat will reopen April first. (Yeah!)

(7pm) I started printing out the poems tonite. (Neat!)

(8pm) I think D O likes this furniture arrangement. (Now she doesn’t have to fight my feet for the space in front of the heater.)

Sharon thinks I should rename D O Dominique. (I am used to D O.)

(9pm) Well, I got the first file printed and the second one is clickity clacking off the presses.

(10pm) Quiet nite. (Except for the printer.) (Nice!)


(6am) TGIF!

TGI Payday!

(7am) I will have to figure out which nite to go see John Bayley.

There was an editorial in the paper today that claimed we are entering into an age where women tease but don’t please. They say now is a time for men to chase and women to say no, in order to avoid Aids. (If that is valid, this is going to be an even harder time for us shy guys! (Good looking aggressive men will have an even bigger advantage, as will men with money.)) (Why can’t women and men be equal?)

Oh yes, Sharon wanted to know if I got laid in LA. (Ha!) (She is the only woman I have met in years who will have anything to do with me.)-(Hopefully someday that will change, but I have got a lot of therapy to go through yet to become a desirable man!)

(5pm) Erica stopped by during the day and left me a note and some candy. (Nice!)

Work was busy again. (The days are flying by!)


(Midnite) Wonderful nite!

Erica, Miranda, Charlotte and Linda stopped by and we went to the Mo Club for a few brews. (They seem to have an older crowd there.)

Twas nice visiting with Linda again.

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