(6am) I feel better today.

I have noticed that D O uses her claws less with me now. (She is learning how to play with a human.)

(10pm) The moon is sure beautiful tonite!

Dinner was good and I got Matt (the Mayor’s assistant) and his wife Susan’s tax returns done. (They seem to be nice people!) (He is from Nebraska so we grew up not too far from each other.) (She is from Butte. She is a teacher.) (They met at the University here and have been married for 15 years. After school they worked in a few communities in Idaho and Oregon.) (They are happy to be back in Missoula, but they don’t know how much longer it will last. (The Mayor appoints his position, so when we get a new Mayor he will be out of a job.))) (They have got two kids.)

Right after I got home Sharon showed up and molested me. (This time I came quickly. I cycled around and was up to a second time, but she just wanted to be held.)

She brought her music list by so I can start that project.

Twas nice getting laid! (I just wish it could last longer.)-(Now I feel a little guilty I wasn’t able to give her more pleasure. (Oh well, I offered and she just wanted to snuggle, so that must have been what she needed from me tonite.))

I walked by the Top Hat today and they are still working on it.

(11pm) I have got to find some more lovers!


(7am) Sharon says D O is getting fat. (I suppose I do spoil her.)

She says our relationship is strange. (Two people using each other isn’t that uncommon.) (Sex without love is better than no sex!)

I decided it’s warm enough to turn my chair away from the heater. (Tis a more social arrangement.)

One of the City’s attorneys is divorced. (His ex is a Korean woman who is addicted to gambling.)-(He got custody of their two kids.)-(He says he rarely goes out because it’s hard to find babysitters and because he always runs into people he has put in jail and gets hassled by them.)

(5pm) Work was hectic! (Nice!)

I started on the poems at lunchtime. (The machine at work is way faster than the one at home!)

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