She says she is getting back into her exercise routine. (She gets so much exercise from all her play activities, I wouldn't think she would need much time at the gym to stay in shape.)

Gwynn says she didn't fuck anyone in Jersey, because of the Aids scare. (Tis worrisome here, but it sounds like it's a far bigger problem there.)

Carly thinks I should go ahead and go to the dentist now. (The dental insurance doesn't start until April, and I will wait until then.) (My teeth are getting pretty brown. (It has been a long time!))

(10pm) Quiet nite. (Nice!)


(5am) Another Monday morning. (Boo!)

I hope I get something to do today besides reading.

D O let me sleep, but I had to get up early anyway to go to the Club.

Skiing went a lot better yesterday than the first time. (I was much more relaxed and in control!) (Twas nice being able to stop and turn without falling down!)

Ross and Carly's tv was a loaner, and the owner is taking it back. (I wonder if I will get more company now? (A little would be nice, but it could become a drag. (Oh well, it would be good therapy.)))

(7am) Nice workout!

(5pm) Twas another boring day of reading today.

I found out that the Council decided to leave the turtles in the park. (Neat!)

(6pm) The landlord stopped by and installed a fire extinguisher. (He says he is having a hard time finding renters. (I would guess it's a combination of factors. The University started requiring freshmen to live in the dorm and their enrollment is down. Also, the economy is down, so more people may be finding roommates.)) (He didn't comment about D O, so he must not mind.)

(8pm) I decided to do something constructive tonite, so I defrosted the freezer. (Such a wild and crazy dude!)

I will have to get some film and take some pictures of D O.

(9pm) Quiet nite. (Nice!)


(6am) D O woke me up at 5am. (She seems to be getting more comfortable here. (And, she isn’t using her claws as much.))

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