(7pm) It took eight hours and most of my paper but I finally printed off "Feelings".

(9pm) I took Ross' plate back to him (they gave me some leftovers the other day), and bs'd with them a bit. (Ross was pretty blue again.) (Gwynn is coming back from visiting family in New Jersey tonite, so they took off to pick her up at the airport.)


(8am) D O woke me up around 5am, but I managed to get back to sleep.

Carly said she cleaned Gwynn's apartment after her dad left. (He had slept over there, since Gwynn was out of town.) (It sounds like Carly stayed over there for a couple nites, since her dad left. (It sounds like they are having more problems.))

(11am) Tis laundry day again.

(4pm) I stopped by Ross and Carly's and visited with them and Gwynn. (It sounds like Gwynn had a fun trip.) (I was having an anxiety attack and didn't even take my coat off.) (Gwynn is looking good!) (Gwynn says her "mouth disease" cleared up finally, after three months. (She never did find out what it was.)) (Someone broke into Ross's van and cranked the steering wheel back and forth until the shaft broke, and he had to junk it. (Now he is pissed because Carly is making him walk to work.)-(I can't feel sorry for him, as my walk to work is longer than his is.))-(He says that was the third time someone had broken into it. He says they never stole anything. (Just broke stuff and made a mess.)) (Gwynn is having car trouble too.) (Gwynn says she took three weeks off from exercise. (Amazing!))

(7pm) Ross, Carly and Gwynn stopped by on the way home from the bar and bs'd a bit.

(9pm) Quiet nite. (Nice!)


(8am) D O let me sleep in today. (Nice!)

(Noon) I watched "Crimes of the heart" again. (Good flick!)

(5pm) Erica, Miranda and Danny stopped by and took me out for another cross-country ski lesson. (That was fun!) (Miranda and Danny seem to be getting along well together. (Good for them!))

My sexual aspect might respond if Carly came on to me (I am human!), but I wouldn't want to live with her. (I couldn't afford her.)-(She would have to change, get a job and support herself. (As Erica and Carrie have said, there is someone out there making $600-800 a month, who would be willing to help with the expenses.)) (Oh well, I am not ready for a girlfriend, so stop worrying about that.) (This weekend, again, I got the impression she is playing matchmaker and trying to set me up with Gwynn. (Social stuff totally confuses me!))

Erica says she and Henry worked things out again. (He has been mostly good for her and to her, and she seems to be happy with the relationship, most of the time.)

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