If people who talk a lot about sex are often poor lovers, and one's who talk little about it are often good lovers; maybe it's related to whether a person spends more time developing their "b-movie" aspect or their sexual aspect? (If I am reflective at all, I talk more about sex when I am repressing my sexual aspect. If the people who are talking a lot about it are often repressing their sexual aspects, that fits with them having underdeveloped one’s.) (Interesting puzzle.) (I have met a lot of people who say they love the chase, but that the sex is usually anticlimactic. (That is part of their reasoning for always chasing and never building a relationship. (Maybe that is a sign that they have repressed their sexual aspects in order to avoid commitment?))) (I have developed my sexual aspect to a high level, and now I need to build a "b-movie" aspect to go with it.)

(7am) I noticed when I got into the massage therapy that each day the stories that came to mind were coming from earlier and earlier periods of my life. (The memories seem to have stopped about the high school level. (Twas then that I started working with my hands a lot, so that fits with the idea that this has been some sort of muscle memory.)) (If muscle memory is a valid idea, maybe I could recover even earlier periods of my life by going to the park and doing things like swinging on the swings?)

Isn't one way people who choose fucking everyone and people who fuck no one are similar that they have some phobic reaction to sexual relationships and commitment?

(11am) Nice massage.

(4pm) Nice workout.

(6pm) Nice massage.

(9pm) Quiet nite. (Nice.)


(2pm) Nice massage.

(4pm) Nice walk.

(8pm) Quiet day. (Nice.)


(4am) I am out of coffee again. (Boo.)

(10am) Nice massage.

(4pm) Nice workout.

I don't know why but I am starting to go to bed around eight or nine in the evening and getting up around four or five in the morning.

(5pm) I am back into too much tv and daydreaming this week.

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