(3am) It has been a long day, but I am still wired up.

The moon was pretty tonite. (It had been a long time since I had seen it last.)

(8am) I am feeling mostly okay this morning.

I can always tell I have gone out the nite before, by the way my lungs feel in the morning. (I smoke far more in bars than anywhere else.)

Since the fear level is too high for me to even try in bars, I suppose I need to look for social settings where the fear is low enough for me to interact.

(4pm) Time for a typing break.

(5pm) Nice walk.

(7pm) Enough typing for today.

(9pm) Quiet evening of tv and beer, so far. (Nice.)

(11pm) Quiet nite. (Nice.)


(9am) Looks like another beautiful day.

In his last letter, my dad says he isn’t moving to Vegas. (His wife has to live there part of the year for her health, but he isn’t ready to retire.)

(Noon) Time for a typing break.

There are a bunch of Carrie's letters missing, but what is here will fill in a lot of blanks. (Neat.)

(3pm) Time for a typing break.

(4pm) Nice walk.

(7pm) Enough typing for today.

(8pm) I am still out of pot. (I enjoy having it around, but being out doesn't bother me.) (Carly told me that I could come over there or to Gwynn's if I get desperate to get hi. (She is sure quick to volunteer Gwynn to do things for me.)-(She also asked if I was going on some hike with Erica and the rest of the crew. (I thought about explaining that I seldom see Erica, and I seldom go along during playtime; but spaced it off. (That is between Erica and me, and none of Carly's business.)-(From talking to Erica, one might guess that we spend a lot of time together, since she knows a lot about me; but it's because of my letters, not from spending time together.))))

I still wonder sometimes if my wanting to start with friends in looking for friends and lovers is an excuse for avoiding sex. (That way requires a lot more time, to get to the bedroom.)

(11pm) Quiet nite. (Nice.)

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