(Midnite) Quiet nite of tv. (Nice.)

(9am) I have pretty thoroughly explored the road of celibacy, and now I think it's time to explore lots of lovers, for awhile.

In visiting with Sharon last nite, I got to listen to all her problems. (That does get old. (I will have to continue working on not doing that to others.)) (She said it was nice talking to someone with a positive attitude, for a change. (I am beginning to overcome my gloom, and I am becoming a more up beat person! (Neat.)))

One problem Sharon is having now is that her husband is trying to screw her financially in their divorce. (She has a good job and he is out of work right now.) (She is worried they might even stick her with alimony. (What a drag.))

(Noon) I finished up another batch of poems this morning. (Neat.)

My dad called and visited for a bit. (He is doing well and is keeping busy. (Good for him.))

(2pm) Nice walk. (Tis a beautiful day.)

(8pm) I ate four x-tops and a couple bites of shrooms.

I have got a ticket for Norton Buffalo at Hubcaps tonite. (That should be a good show.)

I am still lost about how to make first moves, but maybe if I stay relaxed and up, and don't push them away, a few women will chase me?

(9pm) I am feeling good.

Oh yes, Sharon commented that I am a hard person to get to know. (I hear that comment a lot.)


(10am) The music and girl watching were great last nite.

I got so drunk all I could do was stumble home and pass out afterwards.

(11am) Maybe with Aids hitting the news so much, now is a good time to start back into writing romantic poetry?

(1pm) Well, I caught up with all my pen pals again.

Now I think I will treat myself to breakfast at 4-B's.

It sure is nice being able to break out my shorts again.

(4pm) I went for an eight-mile hike. (Nice.)

(5pm) I rented "Alien" and "Aliens", so it's horror movie nite.

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