I am sure a lousy housekeeper.

(1pm) I slept for eleven hour.

(4pm) Nice workout.

(8pm) I couldn't get into walking today.

I took a long hot bath, shaved, and put on clean clothes. (Feels nice.)

(10pm) I ate two x-tops.


(Midnite) I think I will walk downtown.

(2am) Downtown was sure dead.

Besides not possessing the skills necessary for one-nite stands, I suppose I still don't feel comfortable enough with the potential risks to let it happen.

Carrie commented that she wasn't up to being serious and settling down enough to put her degree to use. (Being a bartender requires a lot of sociology.)

I have been thinking tonite of all the people who have passed through my life. (I hope they are all well and happy!) (Tis sad that they are all gone from my life now.)

I sure enjoy my record collection. (There is something in my music library that would please anyone who comes to visit.)

(4am) I think my first year in Missoula has been positive for me and that I have grown much. (I know I am in better physical shape too.) (And, except for the current moment, it has been good for me financially. (e.g., my home is much nicer.)) (I have learned a lot more about accounting and business, and I have gained a lot of confidence in those skills.) (And I have come to better terms with alone and I like myself much more than I did.)

(Noon) Laundry day again.

I have thought about going out to the local strip joint again, but that might be too frustrating.

I have noticed that when I do speed I grind my teeth in my sleep. (Or do I do it all the time and just notice it then because I don't sleep as soundly? (What an obnoxious habit.))

Erica keeps telling me she is going to stop by and go out partying with me when things slow down a bit in her life; but, knowing her, that could be a long time from now.

(5pm) Nice walk.

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