Erica keeps saying she is going to play racquetball with me and take me out cross-country skiing, but she is so busy I doubt she will ever find the time. (I think it would do me some good to get into some sports. (My eye hand coordination is pretty poor and that would be a way to improve that.) (And, I need to develop some play time skills.))

I also need to develop some other social skills. (I think most of why I am uncomfortable in social situations is that I haven't spent enough time in them to develop the skills that go along with that part of life.)

Erica says she thinks I am doing well. (I think so too. (I have a long ways to go yet, but I am a better man and happier than I have ever been!))

(6pm) Nice walk.


(Midnite) Happy Thanksgiving!

I told Erica that I would prefer writing to her than f'ing some stranger, and she says I have to start making snuggling a higher priority than writing. (I will think about it. (I suppose I could afford to take a nite off from writing now and then.) (Then again, I have a reputation to uphold. (And a lot of dedicated readers to think of.)))

Well, I am starting month three of unemployment.

So far I think it has been a pretty productive unemployment.

One advantage of working out is that now, when I am bored, another pastime available to me is flexing my muscles.

Maybe I should switch back to drinking beer at the bars instead of whisky? (I guess it all depends on whether I am going there to find a lover for the nite or to just get f'ed up and pass out.)

(1pm) I slept for twelve hours.

(2pm) I am starting to wake up. (Thank goodness for coffee.)

Tis a rainy day and I think I will just be lazy all day.

I think sometimes about giving up pot, but I enjoy the hi. (And it helps to make alone more fun. (It makes entertaining myself an easier task.)) (And it helps me to find sleep sometimes when that is being elusive.) (And tis fun come party time.)


(2am) Quiet nite of tv and pigging out.

I think part of why this unemployment is different than the last one, in the going out department, is that then I was also working through divorce. (I no longer feel that intense whatever it was that I was feeling then.)

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