(11pm) I went and got some ice cream. (Pig out time.)

11-24 -86

(Midnite) How does romance work?

(1pm) Nice workout.

(2pm) I caught up on all my letter writing.

(6pm) Nice walk.


(Midnite) Quiet nite of tv.

(11am) I feel tired a lot lately, but I think it's just boredom.

Time for a nice long hot bath.

(1pm) Tis a beautiful day.

(4pm) Exciting afternoon of solitaire.


(Midnite) I took myself to "Children of lesser God". (Beautiful!)

(2am) Tiredness.

(1pm) Nice workout.

(3pm) Erica stopped by and visited a bit. (Nice.)

Maybe my problem is that I have grown too accustomed to doing things alone? (And, writing seems to necessitate a lot of time by myself.)

Instead of saying I haven't dated, maybe I should redefine all the times I have spent with my women friends as dates? (And those are the kinds of times I would like to spend with women in the future, with a little loving thrown in.)

Maybe sharing my poetry with women wasn't the way to find lovers, but at least it helped me to meet a lot of really neat women. (Oh well, I don't write like that anymore anyway. (It used to be that I would go to the bar, write a few short poems there, make copies of them on napkins, and then give the copies to whatever women fascinated me. Now I will write one to six stanzas at the bar and not finish them until later.)) (I suppose a new approach would be to tell women about my poems and invite them over to read them.)

I have been thinking about getting a cat, but I suppose I better find some work first. (Maybe having a pet would satisfy some of my touching needs?)

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