(4pm) I hauled some more stuff to the new apartment. (Now I am pooped.) (I don't officially move in there for another week; but, since it was empty, the landlord went ahead and gave me the key and said I could start moving stuff over. (That will make life easier when the final moving day comes.))

I got a letter from Hunter today. (It sounds like his love life is hectic. ("I have this girlfriend who is way cool, and this other chick I just like to fuck." (He says neither knows about the other, for now anyway. He says when they figure it out he will lose both, but he doesn't care. ("I shaved my mustache, and punked my hair out a little, so I have got girls who want to jump my bones all over town.")))) (He is sailing everyday and working in a hardware store.) (On Carrie: "... it was the hardest thing to get over the pain she brought (or I brought myself). Sometimes, late at nite, I wish I was with her, but in the morning I realize why I am not.")

I got a letter from Samantha today too. (She says she is still working and being sexually monogamous. (For now anyway.) ("One man is just not enough. Two men usually are much better. Sometimes they are even fun to have, both at the same time."))

Maybe what Carrie meant when she told me to just be me, is to be the me I am when I am with her? (With her I am usually pretty relaxed and usually I am at least a little bit out of my shell, and that isn’t who I am, when I am out and about now.)

The phone company showed up and fixed my phone today. (Now that Erica is out of town it's pretty pointless.)

(9pm) Quote of the day: from "What color is your parachute"; and credited to the tortoise after beating the hare-"In planning one's life, there is always dreaming in reality, and reality in the dreaming."


(Midnite) I walked downtown, but the Top Hat was closed. (Boo.) (Oh well, it was a nice walk.)

I wonder if part of why I am afraid to find a girlfriend is that I am still worried about my ex getting vindictive? (Until I clear up the back alimony issue, she has the potential for making life even more annoying.)

(3pm) Time for a typing break.

Time to catch some rays.

Oh yes, Hunter contributed a quote: "I don't believe anything I hear, half of what I read, and all of what I see." (I don't know that I believe even half of what I read; but, sometimes, it provides new perspectives on what I see.)

(11pm) I took myself to see "Ruthless people" tonite. (I needed a few chuckles.) (I am still in lust with Bette Midler.)

(11pm) Now I am watching the tube and catching a buzz.

Oh yes, happy fourth divorce anniversary to me. (I wonder if I will ever begin to act single?)

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