I have found a new serious lust? (The woman who runs the ice cream cart downtown. (Yum.)) (I have been eating a lot of ice cream lately, so I will have an excuse to visit with her a bit.) (She has such neat eyes.)

(5am) I just found a note from Erica. (She must have stopped by after I passed out last nite.) (The note says she was "disappointed" that I didn't stop into Flippers last nite to say goodbye. (She is leaving on her Hawaii trip today.) (The last few times I went there her eyes said she wished I hadn't! (I have gotten the feeling that she only spends time with me because she feels obligated to, not because she wants to; and that is terribly unfair to her!)) (I told her I would only go there if she invited me; and she never said word one about even working last nite, let alone inviting me to come down!) (Maybe I am just being a turtle again, but I am scared to death of losing her friendship and I don't believe she wants to see me!))

(6am) Another problem I need to deal with some day is taking things too literally. (I have missed the point of a lot of stories, because I didn't read in between the lines.) (I think, in part, it's because I am too analytical and left brain orientated, and I miss a lot of things that require intuition and understanding of symbology.)

(Noon) I managed to sleep another five hours this morning.

I discovered that my phone is dead? (Erica's note said she would call me before leaving. (If she tried, she probably thinks I am not talking to her and is even more pissed.) (Coincidence?) (Oh well, I will see her next month, after she gets back from her holiday.))

It has been cold and rainy all day. (I didn't have any plans for today, but I feel sorry for people who did.)

As for me, I have spent the day typing. (Such a wild and crazy guy. (Ha.)) (Days like today are made for making love in front of a fire place, not typing. (I don't have a girlfriend or a fireplace, so I guess I will keep typing!))


(Midnite) Enough typing for today.

I am beat.

(10am) Laundry day again. (Boo.)

My phone is still dead. (Annoying.)

I really get a chuckle out of the "Bloom county" comics. (Opus reminds me of myself. (He tends to take things too seriously too.))

(Noon) I did some more packing, and now it's time to haul a few more loads to the new apartment. (This is my 26th move in the last 17 years. (Someday I will have to set down some roots!)) (This one isn't too bad. (I have until the 15th to move everything, so I can do it a little at a time.))

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