(8am) Beautiful morning.

(10pm) I stopped in Flippers on the way home and bs'd with Erica.

When she got off work we drove around town a bit and visited some more. (Nice evening.) (Along the way we ran into Gwynn, and I had a nice visit with her. (I ran into her last on Thanksgiving Eve. She had invited me over for dinner the next day; but she didn’t call to tell me the where and when. (She says that talking to me that nite had pissed off her beau, and it just didn't work out.)-(Oh well.)))

I am different in a lot of ways from a lot of folk; but it's really only the ways I am different from all my friends that concern me much. (e.g., sex.)


(8am) Another beautiful morning.

(2pm) Erica stopped by the office today and took me to lunch. (Tis neat sharing food with others. (I do enjoy that ritual.)) (Even though she isn’t interested in me, she is still fun to be with, and she is a good friend!)

I went to the Army Navy store and went on a shopping spree. (It sure is fun having money.) (I picked up pants, shirts, a spring jacket, and a mountain bike. (Neat.))

Then I went and bought a walkman. (Now I have tunes when I go for walks and bike rides. (Neat.))


(2am) I went down to the Top Hat tonite, to hear Bo Diddley. (The music was great and the girl watching was joyous.) (Twas a beautiful nite for a walk.)

(8am) Another beautiful morning. (Despite the hangover.)

(6pm) I am exhausted. (I can remember when I could party every nite, get up and go to work, and then start all over again. (No more.))


(11am) Last nite I crashed and burned. (I can remember when I could get by on three or four hours of sleep a nite, but that is history too.)

Happy birthday to Joe. (I sent him "World according to Garp", "Pocket D.H. Lawrence", and ."The prophet" (Apropos for a 16th birthday?)) (I had written and asked my ex what he would like, but never heard from her. (The war goes on.))

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