After dinner I went over to the Cunningham's, back to the Scoop with them, and finally to the Paw. (The Cunninghams are still fighting.) (She is still giving me shit about dumping my ex. (So what else is new?)) (I ran into my old dentist and we got to bs'ing about the Ennis rodeo four years ago. (I hear it was good, but Cunningham and I never made it out of the downtown bars to see it.)) (I bs'd with owners of the Paw (Martin and Kitty) a bit. (Kitty says she will come over to Missoula and visit me.)-(Cunningham says she has been having an affair with a cop.))

Monday and Tuesday I spent auditing the Sheriff's office and wrote up five pages on all the illegal activities there. Today I audited the judges, and I am writing them up for illegal activities too. (Such fun.)


(8am) I am sitting in the bus depot waiting on the dog.

Last nite I went to Wong's for dinner again.

Samantha stopped by the motel. (We got hi and went to the Scoop. (We ran into Caroline and her new beau Ryan.) (Then we walked up to campus to check out the big sales show they had going, and I checked out the computer Rob wants to sell me. (Nice.)) (Then we went back to the motel, had a couple beers and visited some more.)

Caroline is working two waitress jobs and isn't talking about moving away anymore. She says Josh dropped out of school, and that he and Julia are working in some restaurant now.

Samantha has some married woman she wants to set me up with. (She says the woman already got caught f'ing around a couple of weeks ago, and her hubby beat them up. (?) (Does that sound like a good situation for me?)-(Maybe her hubby isn't someone she is happy with, but she should end the marriage, not just f around and get people hurt.))

One of the women I work with at the County (Maria), says it's good that I am picky about choosing women, and that it will pay off in the long run. (I hope so.) (She also says I should move to California where I can make the kind of money I "should be" making.)

Looks like there will be one or two more trips in the next couple months to help out the County. (I can use the money.)

I ate too much this week, didn't sleep much, and didn't do my normal amount of exercise. (I will have to get back on the program now. (Make up for my excesses this week.))

I am going to get a mountain bike with this money.

The first part of the week it was snowing, but now it's warming up nicely. (Spring time in the Rockies.)

All I did Wednesday nite was watch "Dynasty" and crash. (I was pooped from all the partying.)

(6pm) Well, laundry is done.

The bus ride back was ok.

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