John Nesbitt, "Megatrends" - "State and local governments are the most important political entities in America."

"Structurally, the most important thing about a network is that each individual is at its center!"

"... the term family is being expanded to include important relationships between people not related by blood or marriage, but by voluntary association!"


(Midnite) I went down to the Top Hat and listened to Leo's band play. (They are sounding good.) (One way my trip to Wallace seems to have been detrimental is that now I have conceded my undesirability, and don't even think about trying anymore. (I am just not good enough for women.))

Note from the ozone: Nesbitt, in "Megatrends", ties authoritarian structure to the industrial era, but I would say it ties to the military and from there back to the foundations of patriarchy.

One advantage of having no girlfriend is that Valentines Day is cheap.

Erica picked me up again from work today and drove me home.

Another aspect of my not trying to pick anyone up at the bars is still Erica. (There is always the possibility she will drop in the bar or stop by the next morning; and I would rather spend a minute or two visiting with her than get laid.)

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