Sunday was quiet, and so was today.


(10pm) I rented a couple more movies tonite.


(7am) Happy birthday to Erica.

(7pm) I found a note from Erica waiting for me when I got home. (She sensed from my letter that I am still not getting my feelings for her straightened out, and lectured me again on how we will never be more than friends. (I know what the reality of our relationship is, but changing how I feel seems to be a very slow process.))


(7pm) Wednesday nite was quiet.

Erica gave me a ride home from work tonite. (We had a nice visit.)

(9pm) Quotes:

Eric Berne, "What do you say after you say hello?" - "The real people make their own decisions, while the plastic people are run by fortune cookies."

I remembered a bit of a dream that Kate was in. (I still miss her. (We had a lot of fun times together.))


(Noon) Last nite I rented some more movies.


(9am) Last nite I ate shrooms and rented some movies.


(9pm) Sunday was quiet.

Monday nite Erica stopped by and bs'd awhile.

Tuesday Leo's band showed up. (Most of them are crashing here.)

I ran into Erica on the way to the post office today, and she bought me lunch. (Such a sweetie.)

Tonite I sat around and bs'd with the band, until they had to go to the Top Hat to play.

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