(10pm) Quiet nite of reading.


(6pm) Carrie and Hunter stopped by last nite and we caught a buzz.

We stopped in P C J's to say hi to Samantha, and then went next door to the Rocker and had a couple brews. (I fell in lust with the bartender.)

Then we went down to the Filler to listen to some live music. (Hunter was on the rag last nite. (Tis hard for him to deal with Carrie flirting with other guys, but he better learn how soon.)) (Since Hunter wasn’t in the mood I got to dance with Carrie a bunch.) (I won $18 playing the poker machine.)

Then they got tired, so I had them drop me off at the Paw and I had a couple more there and did some more girl watching and dancing.

Then I hiked across town to Leo's and Samantha and I went back to the Rocker for some brews and pool shooting.

Then she and I went and got some breakfast.

Fun nite!

Oh yes, down at the Filler I commented to Carrie about a couple of older women there who intrigued me. (She said she couldn’t understand what I see in them. (Girls are fun to look at and tease with sometimes, but I would rather find an older woman when it’s time for some loving.)) (It won't be that much longer before Carrie is that age too.)

I have picked up some more accounting work to do on the side, so I started working on that today. (A bit of extra cash will definitely come in handy.)

Hunter brought that one poster over here tonite and gave it to me, since Carrie won't let him put it up over there.

Last spring, when he went to get cured, Hunter brought home a VD poster and hung it up on the wall. (So far I haven’t bothered to take it down. (Carrie says I should leave it up. (It does make one think.))) (She also said she would give me a hooker for my birthday, but that she doesn't think I really want one. (It would be nice to return to sex, but I don’t thing that hookers aren't really the answer.)-(I need to start looking for a girlfriend, but not until after I move to Missoula.)) (She also says I should forget about publishing poetry and work on my prose. (Lots of people have told me that.))

(9pm) I am reading a book on symbology. (According to the section on dreams, dreaming of Carrie's death would relate to the fact that, one way or another, our lives will be heading off in different directions soon. (I will miss her more than I care to admit.))


(Midnite) I went over to Leo's tonite, but I felt uncomfortable there, for some reason.

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