(9am) Samantha brought my car back. (Tis broke again. (How tiresome.))

I watched "Dr. Detroit" on tv last nite. (Kind of cute.)

I slept shitty again and I woke up stiff and sore. (That is getting pretty tiresome.)

I am really torn about work right now. (Part of me feels guilty for not working harder at accounting and making the money I could make at that; but I just can't get that into it. (I do enjoy writing, but that doesn't seem likely to put any food on the table.))

I am still also torn about sex.

I was definitely mangled on Friday nite. (Some woman came up to me at the Paw, knew my name, and said she used to work there back when I was a regular; but I didn't recognize her, I don't remember what she looks like, or what she said her name was. (I am definitely in bad shape when I don't remember women's faces and names.))

(5pm) One of my neighbors when I was married stopped by the office today and bs'd. (She says Joe is almost 6' tall now. (Tis amazing how fast they grow up.))

I am beginning to feel again that it would be good for me to move. (I am in a rut here, there isn’t much money to be made, and I probably need a change.)


(1pm) Carrie called me last nite to bs and let me they were back in town.

I am feeling better today.


(10am) I stopped by and visited Carrie and Hunter on the way home from work last nite. (They are both sick and worn out from five days of partying.) (Hunter brought back a poster of a woman playing tennis with no pants, but Carrie won't let him put it up.) (It sure was fun visiting with them.)

(11am) Hunter stopped by the office this morning and visited. (He is feeling better.)

(1pm) I stopped by at lunch and bs'd with Carrie and Hunter again.


(8am) Last nite was pretty quiet.

Carrie and Hunter were supposed to stop by, but they never made it.

Samantha called four times trying to get me to come over to Leo's, but I wanted to wait around for Carrie and Hunter. (Oh well.)

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