(8am) Last nite was quiet. (And I slept better.)

On the walk to work this morning, I ran into three people I know. (I may not have a lot of close friends, but I sure do know a lot of folks here.)-(I will miss being able to go almost anywhere in town and running into someone who I know.)-(Oh well, I will just have to get out and start over again after the move.)


(3pm) Last nite I over consumed! (I went out bar hopping and ended up passing out in my own puke again. (Yech.)) (I did manage to collect a big hug from one of the women I ran into.) (And, I won $22 playing the poker machines.)

One of the women I visited with last nite was complaining about one of the guys she is f'ing now, because he has other girlfriends. (I asked her why it was ok for her to have several beaus, but he could only date her. (She chose to ignore the question.)) (Then she complained about him lying to her, but she had just been telling me about a lie she was telling the guy that she lives with?)

I got a letter from Erica yesterday. (It sounds like she is still doing fine. (I am glad.))

It will be nice seeing Carrie and Hunter again here soon.

Samantha stopped by earlier. (She rode along with me while I ran all my errands, and then we came back here and played some cribbage. (Nice.))


(11am) Josh and Caroline stopped by last nite. (Twas nice visiting with them.)

Then I walked downtown to P C J's and bs'd with Samantha.

Then I came home and crashed at ten and slept for eleven hours. (I feel much better now!) (I did have another strange dream. (In this one I got back together with my ex. (Even the sex was lousy this time.)))


(4pm) Last nite I took myself to see "Real genius" (fun movie), and then watched "On the road again" on the boob tube.

Samantha borrowed my car again today. (I think she has driven it more this summer than I have.)

Note from the ozone: Aren’t the shoulds and roles that are laid out for us by our culture causing us problems with our relationships, because they define a lot of negative games for us to play? (Aren't a lot of those games, shoulds, and roles a problem because they don't fit the needs of today's society?) (Will we ever figure a way to be intimate with each other, and to make love stay? (Or do we have to accept that love isn't going to stay and be intimate anyway?))

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