The video for the song "California Girls" bugs me a bit. (What is it about big tits, that makes some men go wild?)-(My ex taught me that more than a mouthful isn't wasted, but I can live without that.)

I aced my test. (Relief.)

I got a letter from a publisher who had much good to say about my manuscript; but they will only publish it as a "joint venture". (Vanity press?)

(8pm) I am back to writing to Erica regularly again. (I do enjoy sharing with her.) (I thing I will continue on with the journal though, so I have a place to talk about and deal with my feelings for her.)

I called Samantha and talked to her about Rena. (She agrees that I should just wait and see what happens.) (One of the women at work keeps telling me I have to ask women out for a specific event on a specific date; but I am more comfortable with asking them to call me if they would like to go out sometime.)-(And, I think her way ties back to the chauvinistic attitude that women have to be told what to do.)-(Maybe leaving the time and date up to women is the wrong approach for most women, but I am not interested in most women. (I am interested in someone who is looking to break out of the stereotypes, so maybe this way is best? (Or is that another of my cop outs?)))


(8pm) Back to poetry corner:

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